Themes From Therapy

Did you ever wonder what is talked about in therapy? No, I don’t mean what the clients talk about – that’s more confidential than “What Happens In Vegas.” I’m talking about what the psychologist says in therapy. Believe it or not, there are often themes that occur in therapy, and some topics arise rather frequently.
Whether it’s the time of year, or something that happened in the world, there are often “seasons” for therapy clients.

Some themes are based on the time of year. New Year’s sessions often focus on resolutions and new beginnings. “Back To School” sessions in the Fall bring up anxieties around change and moving forward. And holidays bring up both positive and negative emotions and memories of these occasions throughout our lives.

Other themes occur as current events make their way into our lives. People struggle to find meaning after community violence, school shootings, Presidential elections, or even high profile news stories. Most therapists will tell you that there are weeks when they work on the similar issues, with several clients, throughout the week.

This section of the Don’t Shake My Snowglobe blog is entitled “Themes From Therapy”, and it will address the common topics that arise in treatment. I’ll be addressing topics that are relevant to the time, the season, or the happenings of the world. This seems like a good way for to bring awareness to responses that psychologists might have to current issues in our lives. It’s not meant to be a substitute for therapy. These articles are just to share a psychologically-based viewpoint on current topics. So check back in regularly to see which themes I’ll be discussing next!