About Snowglobes

Many people love Snow globes. Filled with water and fluffy snow, Snow globes usually have a pretty scene inside, like a famous city, or a landmark, or a view that is peaceful and calming. If you shake the globe around, the snow inside the sphere goes swirling all around, blurring the water, and hiding the scene inside the globe. You usually have to wait a minute to let the snow settle before you can see the lovely view inside again.

Snow globes are really pretty only when the snow settles. Of course they are interesting to watch from outside the glass when the snow is flying. For that brief minute when you can’t see the scene inside, it’s kind of exciting, maybe filled with anticipation as to where the snow will land, and how the scene will end up when it settles, with a fresh coating of snow on it.

But can you imagine what it’s like on the inside of the globe? Pretend for a minute that you are standing in the middle of that peaceful scene, when suddenly, your whole world tilts, and the snow starts whirling around you. Can you imagine what that chaos would look like? Sound like? Feel like? To be inside a blizzard, with no ability to see out from your little corner of the world, which moments ago was so still and lovely?

I imagine from the perspective of the inner snow globe, in the middle of the blizzard, the only thing you want is for it to stop. Stop the snowing, stop the blowing, stop the swirling around you, so the peace of that quiet scene, that was there only moment ago, could be returned. Only at the point of that quiet, could you make a decision clearly, and know what your next best step would be.

In the world today, many of us feel that our world is like the inside of the snow globe. Nearly every day, many of us feel that we cannot stop the storm of noise and chaos around us. Maybe you feel that your difficulties at work shake up your snow globe, with your boss who is never happy, or the layoffs that everyone says are going to happen. Perhaps the way your children behave make your home feel like it’s filled with chaos. Or maybe your relationship with your spouse or significant other is only peaceful when you’re apart, and the conflict kicks back up whenever you are together. Wherever there is conflict, anger, indecision, or stress, it can feel like the inside of that snow globe, with no ability to see where you should go next, or how to make it stop snowing.

These moments in our lives, these times in which we feel we don’t know what to do, are what this blog, Don’t Shake My Snowglobe is all about. By learning how to be still, to quiet your inner world, you can learn to feel like you are back in control of your life. There are many ways to increase the peace in your world, even when the world outside your own little Snowglobe is stressful.

Learning to be still, and how to stop your Snowglobe from shaking, is one of the most powerful and effective ways to get your life back under control. As we proceed together on this blog, we will learn how to be still, to be mindful, and to stop the feeling of being overwhelmed that can take over our lives.